Grant Waters – Workplace Portraits at The Cornerstone Didcot

A note for your diaries at the end of the year, Grant Waters, OAS, will be showing an exhibition of his wonderful portraits in oil at The Cornerstone in Didcot –

“An exhibition of oil paintings that consider the relationship between people and their place of work. This is a celebration of the skill of the sitter where a single concentrated look can sum up a lifetime’s knowledge and experience. I have found that the lighting that illuminates their work also gives focus to the composition. Whether the spaces are cluttered, tidy, pretty or purely practical, the moods and atmospheres that they create are integral to the piece. These works are as much a portrait of the space as they are of the sitter.”  Grant Waters

Workplace Portraits Exhibition
The Cornerstone Didcot
28th November to 10th December 2018

The Horologist’s Workshop by Grant Waters


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