Mynall, Alan

NOTE from OAS: We regret to inform you that Alan passed away in May 2019. Obituary to follow.

I got my first set of paints at the age of four and a half, and have been making a mess ever since.

Portraiture has always fascinated me. It is surely the most demanding of disciplines.
The recent ‘Ragged Man’ series of paintings is notably auto-biographical. They are explorations of the attempt to live an authentic life in an often confusing and sometimes apparently hostile world. I do get quite serious sometimes. No one gets far, in this journey of life, without some degree of damage, but the Ragged Man remains open and optimistic. I may need some of these images explaining to me. Sometimes my subconscious mind slips things in while I’m not looking.

Many of my paintings are in private and corporate collections in Europe, United States, and Canada.

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