Side, Sue

I am a portrait artist and illustrator. I notice how the subtle ways in which we look, speak and gesture can give a range of fleeting impressions to the observer – the angle of a head, the position of a hand, the way someone sits or interacts with their environment. These all tell a story to which the onlooker adds their own.
I particularly love portraiture and narrative, being drawn to the many subtle details that characterize humanity in any given moment – raising the ordinary to a thing to ponder; placing people in context or absenting context. Showing part of a face or an interaction creates a range of narratives and ways of seeing.
Drawing media is my media of choice. Its warmth and natural versatility reflects the fragility of human life – easily rubbed out – and, just as a fractional change in the face or body can change how we view someone, so the smallest stroke of the pencil can utterly change what you see in a portrait or illustration.
I am a regular exhibitor in Oxford Artweeks and have recently completed the postgraduate Artist Teacher Scheme at Oxford Brookes University.


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