Webb, Denny

Denny Webb is a professional artist who works from her studio in Ipsden, a beautiful part of the Chilterns where she also holds private watercolour classes and workshops.

She has worked and studied in the U.S.A. where she has established a large client base and won numerous awards in national shows, she also exhibits in local UK shows and galleries.

Denny is well known for her luminous watercolour paintings using many experimental and contemporary techniques and looks to nature for her main source of inspiration. She enjoys pushing the boundaries from the literal to the surreal and beyond and has paintings in private collections in America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K.

Currently she is working on a large commission of 50 paintings for a Yorkshire based regulatory company who wish to furnish their offices with her work on the theme of the ‘harmony between industry and nature’. Her methodology in attempting such a large body of work is to break it down into miniseries and she is currently looking at ways to amalgamate florals with technology and industry which has given rise to the inspiration for exciting surreal pieces like Bionic Hellebores, which are half flower and half machine.

e-mail: redkites1@gmail.com
Web: www.dennywebb.com

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