Ashdown, Diana

Diana Ashdown Dip.A.D. M.A (Cantab)

I am an artist, primarily a printmaker experimenting and devising innovative print techniques mainly with lino, exploring texture, line and intricate pattern. In the observed and imagined works that I create, subject matter reflects my interest in nature, landscape, garden and architectural settings. Colour is as important to me as line and texture, the printing ink I use is a translucent etching ink so colours interact with each other as I overlay them, like painting with watercolours. I wipe the plates like etchings the first layer of ink sitting in the recesses, using rollers, masks and stencils I add additional colours to the plate, (all colours used are on the lino at once to aid registration). I enjoy the way this process makes each print individual and much excitement/despair as images are ‘discovered’ after going through an etching press.

I enjoy the restrictions imposed by using a relatively simple (flooring) material and creatively working round and resolving the technicalities of bringing an idea into reality. I find expression in carving and creating textures with a variety of tools and drills, a technique I have evolved for an etched like appearance.

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