Radley Members’ Exhibition: photos and review

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the look of the show.

Private View, Friday 28th February, a short tribute to Sir Patrick NairneRadley PV 2014013Above: Andrew Nairne, right, opens the show with Peter Farley Society Chair, left.

Andrew Nairne, Director of Kettles Yard, Cambridge opened the exhibition. He talked about his childhood, going on picnics with the family walking in the countryside until his father Patrick had found just the right place to paint. He also talked about times at Radley and about the excellent show and that viewers should remember how brave it is of artists to exhibit their work. A display of Patrick’s work can be seen at the show, see photo below Private View.
Radley PV 2014009

Thanks to Alan Mynall for the two Private View photos above.

Photos from the exhibitionRadley_5_PatrickRadley_1Radley_2Radley_3Radley_4

Thanks to John Harris for the photos above.

The link to the Oxford Times review is http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/leisure/focus/11057314.Spring_exhibition_is_a_tribute_to_old_boy/

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