See exhibitor’s and members’ work on Instagram

Instagram for exhibitors


We now have an Instagram account and would like to build an archive of good quality images of work exhibited at Oxford Art Society Exhibitions.

  • If you are on Instagram, please find us at Oxford Art Society and follow us. (Also see us on Facebook as Oxford Art)

  • your work is accepted in the 2018 Open Art Exhibition
  • or if you are a member and your work is in any other exhibition.
  • you’d like your work in the Oxford Art Society archive
  • you are happy to have your work shown on the website or Instagram
  • you’d like us to follow you – please give us your Instagram address – instagram addresses are tricky to find because there are so many names the same.

please send an email to Lin Kerr, and include in the body of the email text:

  • Your name
  • Title of the image
  • Medium
  • size
  • You are welcome to give your website in the email.
  • If it is in an exhibition other than the 2018 Open Exhibition, please give brief details that can be cut and pasted: i.e. the Gallery name, address, gallery website, your website. People can look up the opening times etc.

and then title the image as follows:

  • Surname, Initial, title of work: e.g.
    Kerr L-The yellow fields of Chilton
    (Please note that surname and initial is in caps, with a space and that there is a hyphen not a full stop).
  • Labelling it properly will enable us to index it automatically.
  • If it is not labelled properly it cannot be shown or put in the archive.

The image must be a j-peg (for easy downloading) and the shortest dimension should be at least 1200 pixels – (ideally the image will be approximately approximately 4 MB.
Huge images, very low-res images, embedded images or incorrectly titled images cannot be used and will need to be discarded.

Please note that in order to be able to do this, Lin cannot enter into correspondence about the image, or say when it may be posted. Otherwise this will become an impossibly large job! Unfortunately, Lin is unable to offer technical support on sizing or re-titling images.

Sending an image does not guarantee that it will be posted and images will be shown arbitrarily on Instagram to show variety rather than any personal choice. However, images which are of poor photographic quality will be archived but may not be shown. Obviously if there are loads of images, it will take a while before yours will pop-up!

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