The Tenth Jericho Lecture – Thinking Drawing

10 May 2022. Alan Franklin – Artist and Trustee of Sunningwell School of Art. His talk will reference his own work, ideas, thoughts and opinions he has developed over years of teaching and thinking about drawing.

St Barnabas Church, Cardigan Street, Jericho, Oxford OX2 6BG.

Tuesday 10 May 2022 at 7.30pm. Admission is free. Refreshments available from 7pm.
Donations welcome.

Awards News

Contemporary British Portrait Painters (CBPP) 2022


Department Store, Brixton, SW98FR

11th-18th June 2022

OAS Members: Lucy Stopford (Above), Tom Croft BEM, and Mark Draisey have got work in this prestigious exhibition.


OASA Lecture – Jacqueline Thalmann

‘When Art came to Oxford, Christ Church Picture gallery, Britain’s first public Art Museum’

Monday 9 May, 5.30 The Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean, and online via Eventbrite


Thank you Harriet and your team

Harriet Eagle – Exhibitions manager, receiving a beautiful bouquet presented by Lucy Stopford, Chairman

The exhibition has been flawlessley planned, promoted, advertised, curated and hung.

Well done Harriet and Lucy.

Many thanks to Harriet for steering the ship; to Emma Davis for her flyer design and help with curating; to Sarah Spackman for helping with the curating and hanging; to Ruth Swain and Lin Kerr for publicity through social media and local rags.

Thanks also of course to our Chairman, Lucy Stopford for finding the venue and inviting such a prestigious guest speaker, Jeremy Mogford. This is indeed a team effort!

Thank you also to all the other members of Oxford Art Society who have contributed by turning up on the day, helping carry, hang work, invigilate, serve drinks and the countless tasks that make an event successful.


Congratulations to Lucy Stopford…

for winning The Broad Canvas Prize, selected by Jeremy Mogford.

Lucy Stopford – The Screen


Congratulations to Myrica Jones…

who was awarded the Guest’s Selector’s prize, chosen by Alan Franklin for ‘The Agave Parryi’

Myrica Jone – The Argave Parryi

Congratulations (again) to James Ort…

for winning Honorary Members prize. James has won two awards and we are so honoured to have him as a member of OAS.


Congratulations to James Ort…

on being awarded the OAS 2D art award selected by Jeremy Mogford.

James Ort – African Elephant

Congratulations to Deborah Laidlaw…

on be on being awarded the OAS 2D art award selected by Jeremy Mogford. (There were 2 x 2D awards)

Deborah Laidlaw – Chalk Mark


Congratulations to Jane Strother…

on being awarded the OAS 2D art award selected by Jeremy Mogford. (There were 2 OAD+S 2D awards)

Jane Strother – Looking East early

Thank you to Jeremy Mogford…for opening the exhibition and presenting awards.

Jermey Mogford opened the Oxford Art Society’s Members’ Exhibition 2022 at Kendrew Barn, St John’s College, in the heart of Oxford on Friday evening.
The prizewinners who Jeremy selected for The OAS 2D awards (2) and The OAS 3D award are:
2D: Jane Strother – Looking East early & Deborah Laidlaw – Chalk Mark


3D: James Ort – African Elephant

(Jeremy also added these artworks to his own collection, which is high praise indeed!)


The power of art to express love

Private View: OAS Members’ Exhibition 2022. An Address by Johannes von Stumm, Honorary President.

The Power of Art to express Love

In times of great suffering as today in the Ukraine, caused by brutal military action,

we artists might ask ourselves sometimes about the usefulness of our work.

I realised that the power of art lies in the maker’s ability to express love.

More than three thousand years ago a sculptor decided to sculpt 

the Pharaoh Amenhotep IV and his wife Kiya (1350 BC) gently holding hands

More than two thousand years ago, an Etruscan tomb stone was carved depicting a husband and a wife lovingly embracing each other. Etruscan Sarcophagus, husband Larth Tetnies and his wife Tanchvil Tarnai.

In Chichester Cathedral you can an imposing sarcophagus of a knight in armour lying beside his wife. Look closer and you can see that he has taken his right hand out of his armoured glove and his wife rests her hand gently in his. She turns her body slightly towards him.

These are such gentle gestures showing us the power of love, the power which overcomes the power of tyrants again and again.

But the artist does not always have express a symbol of love – just as powerful, is an expression of grief.

You find great sadness in the sculpture of the “Mourning Parents” by the artist Käthe Kollwitz. The artist and and her husband Karl had lost their eighteen year old son Peter at the beginning of the First World War. Hewn in stone two isolated figures are kneeling down, the man in a position of pride and grief, the woman bowing her head in boundless mourning. 

This sculpture shows the unfathomable pain of two loving parents for their lost child

Kaethe Kollwitz, Trauernde Eltern

Today, again, a tyrant raises his head and hands out unbearable pain. I wish I could lead him to Käthe Kollwitz’s memorial to show him the deeply thet desperation of all who suffer under his brutal and senseless cruelty is felt.

In Ukraine artists are now welding tank obstacles together and others are sewing bulletproof vests. We artists, who are further away have to keep making work – again and again over millennia – to honour the creation, our freedom and love.