Fundraising for Paula Cave OAS for cancer treatment

Paula Cave is a 53 year old mother of two, and she is my friend and fellow sculptor. In 2015 she was diagnosed with cancer and has fought heroically to conquer this terrible illness. She went into remission, but shortly before her 5 year “all clear” birthday at Christmas last year, she discovered that the cancer had returned. After half a year’s treatment , the NHS cannot do much more for her.

However, she learned that there may be one last avenue of hope, using specialist treatment (and immunotherapy) only available in Germany. She will need to raise over £20k in order to receive this treatment.Her campaign has already received many generous donations but she still needs to raise a further £15 000. . In order to help Paula  just under  twenty mainly local/Oxford artists, myuself included, have come together to create a crowdfunder which we are calling “Art for Life” in order to urgently raise these funds by the 5th August. “Art For Life” is fundraising by creating an online art sale and also an art raffle . Beatrice Hoffman.