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Artists who have had work selected for at least two Open Exhibitions are considered for membership by a further selection panel. Membership is by invitation.

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Eirian Griffiths

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After exploring a range of creative work, my current focus is painting abstract or imaginary landscapes (mainly in acrylics and mixed media).

I strive to capture shapes, textures, colour combinations, and the play of light on the landscape, inspired by natural beauty and remote places, from Scilly, to Snowdonia, to Shetland. Travelling in NZ last year has added to my memory bank.

Site-specific work interests me – especially places which have a narrative, or maps to research and weave into my work – a balance between intuition and intent.

I took part in Oxfordshire Artweeks in 2016, 2017 (Cuddesdon), 2018 (Earth Trust).