Members' Exhibition News

Members’ Exhibition Private View

You are invited

to the Members’ Exhibition Private view

to be opened by Jeremy Mogford

on Friday 25th March, 6.00pm – 8.00pm.

for directions, see below…

Directions to the Kendrew Barn Gallery, St Johns College.

The gallery is located on St Giles on the right-hand side as you leave town. The postcode OX1 3JP is a bit misleading and will take you to the porter’s office at St John’s College.

There are two memorials nearby: Martyr’s Memorial is at the southern/city end of St Giles. The Oxford War Memorial is at the Northern end of St Giles between Banbury and Woodstock roads as they merge into St Giles.

From the city centre: 

  • By bus from Redbridge, Thornhill or Seacourt Park and Ride: The nearest bus stop is on Magdalen Street near the Randolph Hotel.
  • On foot or in a car: The Barn is located on the right hand-side of St Giles at you leave town, about 100 metres past the Lamb and Flag pub. The entrance is directly opposite the Oxford War Memorial which is located between Banbury Road and Woodstock Road where they merge into St Giles.

From the North:

  • By bus from the Banbury (North) side: The nearest bus stop to The Barn is the Keble Road stop on Banbury Road just before it merges into St Giles.
  • By car or on foot from the Banbury (north)side: The Barn is opposite the Oxford War Memorial on the left hand-side as you approach the city and before you reach the Lamb and Flag.