Members Gallery – guide for members


Make sure your images are all less than 1MB

  • It’s easiest to have a folder ready with your 6 images, all less than 1MB and your biography of 1500 characters.
  • If you need to make your image smaller, your phone may offer the option of sending it to your computer and selecting a size – small medium or large. Some i-phones do this.
  • Also have your full website address in this format:
  • It may help to go to your website, copy the address from the menu bar (Ctl C) when it is on the home page, and paste it into your form (Ctl V).
  • When entering a link, please include the full address (i.e. with http:// or https:// at the front).
  • Have your other social media links ready. If you are not sure what they are, then google: “How do I write my full Facebook link” or “Twitter link” etc.
  • Instagram: My instagram name is linkerrdesign, so the link is:

How to access your gallery form (only fill it in once or you’ll create two galleries)

  • Use the ‘Member Log In’ link at the bottom of the website (or go to
  • The first time you do this, you’ll need to click the ‘lost password’ link in order to set your password.
  • Log in using your email address, then go to (note that this page is only visible to logged-in users).
  • You’ll only need to use this link when you first create your profile. DO NOT FILL IN THE FORM, OR CLICK ‘SUBMIT’, MORE THAN ONCE or you will create a second gallery entry.
  • Please read the instructions carefully and refrain from contacting Lin unless absolutely necessary!

Editing or changing your gallery

  • After that, whenever you want to edit your details (also called your profile), log in again via the ‘Member Log In’ link; then go to your own profile page on the gallery.
  • Scroll down and click the ‘Edit’ link entry’ link on the bottom right hand side of the page.
    (Please DO NOT use the form linked above or you’ll create a new gallery entry!)
  • Note that only you will see the ‘Edit’ link on your page, so no-one else can change your details.
  • If you have trouble uploading images, try using a different browser, e.g. Chrome.