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Tony Hinchliffe

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I am constantly developing my style, experimenting with my approach to using paint, exploring and creating as many variations of mark making as I possibly can. While doing this I am very conscious of my colour considerations and the moods that these colours evoke when placed next to each other.

My main inspiration comes from being outside, studying people, oceans, the landscape and skies in all weather conditions, If I observe for long enough and make colour sketches on location I can often tune in and record the subtle changes in colour that are fundamental to consider when depicting such subjects.

With my seascape painting I am on a mission to push the idea of having a dark moody sky with an element of light that leaves the viewer to ponder the idea of infinite possibility.

My Figurative painting is all about depicting a mood with a loose approach to brush and palette knife work using strong contrasting values in places to create depth.

One of my latest projects is about depicting skies and landscapes at altitude, I have a lot of fun exploring the skies in my paramotor, flying above, around and sometimes inside the clouds, the atmosphere and light at several thousand feet can be extremely fascinating. I make notes and colour sketches when I land while still fresh in my mind.

Tony is happy to accept commissions.

Email: tonyhinchliffe@live.co.uk