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Sue Side

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A member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, I am a portrait artist and illustrator. Working in graphite pencil, I explore the human narrative by focusing on the subtle ways in which we look, speak and gesture. Graphite is chosen for a reason – it has a natural warmth and versatility, the eye is not distracted by colour and the smallest drawn stroke can utterly change what you see. The fact that it can also be easily rubbed out is also a quiet reminder that this is a momentary record of a time already passed, in a life of constant change.
I also creates work exploring the stories hidden in the quiet environment of tree, land and sky. Here I enjoy watching the slow interaction between trees and the land they have settled in. Using drawing media and printing techniques, I explore the atmosphere of this environment in all its woody detail.
I am happy to work to commission, although slots are quickly filled!

Sue is happy to accept commissions.

Email: sue.side30@gmail.com