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Maggie Bicknell

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I often paint everyday objects and places, trying to capture something special or distinctive in their ordinariness. So, many of my subjects are close to hand or in my immediate locality. It’s not hard to find objects of interest once you start really looking. Usually what catches my attention is the way light falls across a scene, highlighting some aspects, leaving others in shadow. 

I tend to work quite quickly, though not always quickly enough to catch fleeting changes of light especially outside! The initial paintings are usually fairly speedy,  but I tend to leave canvases around where I can see them for a while afterwards and invariably make some changes. Perhaps it’s the equivalent of first drafts and revisions when one is writing. I usually work in oil or chalk pastel and both mediums lend themselves to re-working and second thoughts. I'm generally trying to reduce and simplify and use fewer, more thoughtful brushstrokes - not always succeeding!

I’m a member of Oxford Art Society exhibiting with them and, during Oxfordshire Artweeks, from my own home.  I am happy to discuss any commissions.


Maggie is happy to accept commissions.

Email: maggiebicknell@googlemail.com