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Polly Pincott

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I am a portrait artist working in a variety of media, predominantly oil paint, pencil and charcoal.  In 2013 I completed a Fine Art degree and now create my work alongside motherhood from my home studio, taking on private commissions and exhibiting.

Within my portraits I aim to achieve a boldness and strength of character, often alongside an offering of contemplative vulnerability. Ever the observer and self professed people watcher, memory and the human psyche are common themes within my works. 

My portraits rely not on apparent narrative but a certain mood and sensitivity. As a person heavily influenced by nostaglia I like to quietly reflect this within my work, often with sitter caught in pensive reminiscence or reflection, all the while attempting to obtain a sense of their individual character and spirit for the viewer to connect with.

Polly is happy to accept commissions.

Email: hello@pollypincottart.com