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Zelga Simone Miller

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Zelga’s work explores our search for a safe space and is reflective of a perpetually searching mind, within which Line is ever-present.

Zelga works with an evolving lexicon of characters which when combined allude to a narrative of personal reflection. Whatever the medium each image, each stroke is individual, yet the sum is far greater than its component parts. Whether colour or monochrome images convey an assemblage of meaning beyond the simplicity of the scene.

Zelga studied for her MFA Fine Art at Wimbledon College of Arts and Oxford Brookes University, where she specialised in painting and drawing. She also works as a mentor with Koestler Trust and in 2019 Zelga founded artist-collective Portable in conjunction with Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford. The remainder of her time is dedicated to pursuing her own work in drawing, printmaking and more recently moving-image.

Drawing is fundamental to Zelga’s work – it is the foundation on which she builds, the basis on which she is able to explore. The root through which she makes sense of the world around her. It is something rather than nothing. It is anchored and yet unresolved. Drawing calms yet stimulates. Drawing is feeling. Drawing is seeing. Drawing is letting go. Drawing provides meaning.

Zelga Simone is happy to accept commissions.