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Myrica Jones

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A decorative artist and working mother, when Myrica was forced to put her career on hold for family reasons, she channelled her energies into contemporary art, rediscovering the creative passion that first saw embark on a career as an artist.

Myrica has used many different media over the years and is currently enjoying the power she finds in large-scale simple forms produced with ink.

Always open to new ideas and forms, Myrica takes her inspiration from a wide range of sources - nature, a texture, a fabric, words or even a post she comes across on social media.

Recent works include a series of large-scale figurative line drawings on paper that were inspired by themes of constraint, strength, gravity, escape and hope. These are complemented by a series of works exploring the strength and strangeness of nature.

More recently she has begun adding a new dimension to her works with the inclusion of hand stitched elements to some of her pieces.

Myrica is happy to accept commissions.

Email: myrica@btinternet.com