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Angie Hunt

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I’ve been living and working in the Cotswolds for over 25 years but my main inspiration is always the sea.

I feel at my most alive and creative at the point where sea meets land and the British coastline has always been a touchstone in my life and work, the Western Isles and Cornwall in particular.  This is where it all starts.

My practice is experimental, thematic and constantly evolving.  It is a direct response to materials, to moments in time and to my immediate environment.  I use abstraction to pare back detail and narrative to an absolute essence, trying to convey feelings and experiences, often with ambiguous interpretations.

Isolation is my current theme, inspired by a trip to the Hebrides in Spring 2019 where the old, simple crofters’ cottages, isolated in that wild coastal landscape, caught my eye and moved me.  I’ve been exploring the theme of isolation, intended and enforced, since then, using the small dwelling as a motif.

I hold Open Studios once or twice a year, and always welcome studio visits, so please get in touch to arrange or to find out more!


Angie is happy to accept commissions.

Email: angie7hunt@gmail.com