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Jane Hope

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I paint far too many pictures. Every day I see things that I could paint, and often do, so there is not much space left in my lovely studio at the bottom of my garden.. I work in both oil and pastel and enjoy changing from one to the other. I love colour and it is usually a combination of colour and shape that attracts me.

I work in two main ways: from scribbly sketches and memory, and plein air out on site with my easel.

I have painted all my life, and am self-taught.  I did a degree in Theology and Philosophy at Nottingham, I have two sons, and I worked for Oxfordshire Mind for many years. I loved that, but was happy when the day came when I could paint full time.


I have exhibited with The Pastel Society and The ROI and have been part of Oxfordshire Artweeks since 2003