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Briony Lawson

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The starting point for my sculpture has always been nature and natural forms.  My imagination is excited by the human form, from childhood to old age.  Mother & child and animals are recurring themes in my work, as well as plant shapes such as flower buds, seedheads and the unfurling fronds of ferns in spring.  I even make sculptures from the landscape itself, especially the folds of the North Devon coast where I was born.

I like the challenges presented by the three materials: wood, stone and clay.  I like to bring out the nature of the wood itself and incorporate it into the sculpture.  Stone is the most intractable of materials and allows detailed work and contrasts of rough and smooth finishes.  Modelling in clay allows the most freedom.  You can build up forms and cut back into them by carving.

Visit my website to see a selection of my sculptures in the three mediums.

Briony is happy to accept commissions.