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Andrew McNeile Jones

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Andrew McNeile Jones is a painter based in Oxford.  Having grown up in Lincolnshire, he went to The Ruskin School of Art in Oxford in the early 1980s. 

After graduating, he decided to make a sideways move into film making.  He trained in lighting, editing and art directing and after a few years became a producer, working on many tv commercials, documentaries and occasional dramas.

He continued to paint when time allowed during this time, but in the early 2000s the chance came to return to painting full-time.  He moved with his young family to a farmhouse just outside Oxford and set up a new studio.

Since this time, he has exhibited in several UK galleries and numerous art fairs.  He has also exhibited in Paris and his work has sold across Europe.

He has been featured in several magazines, from Vogue to Home and Gardens, and he has been interviewed by BBC Radio Oxford.

In November last year he won first prize - the ING Purchase Prize - at the popular Discerning Eye show.

Andrew is happy to accept commissions.

Email: andrew.mcneilejones@gmail.com