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Andreea Zahiu

I am a Romanian artist, with a love for wood. It is difficult to talk about my work, difficult because whatever I might say it only casts a veil, not revealing but concealing. And whatever information I might give on the context of the work, on the materials or the technicalities of the process, it only has a secondary function, if any. As a foreigner, I’ve become more and more aware of the way our identity is shaped by language, culture, geography. Stripping all off, where does our true identity lie ? This question has been the core of my work so far, I’ve always been looking for a language that could transcend any imagined differencies. Sculpting  proves to be more of an alchemical process, with a poetry of its own, a process that continues to hold a place for the soul even when a piece is finished, it is meant to be conversational. In this way, I only hope my sculptures will speak for themselves.

Andreea is happy to accept commissions.

Email: delfina22ro@yahoo.com