Butterfield, Neil

Although very obviously figurative, my pictures are really blocks of colour and I am obsessive about getting that right. For Paul Klee, one of my art heroes, it was a visit to Tunisia that did it. ‘I have found colour’, he said,’ it has hold of me’. For me it was India and in particular Rajasthan.

Patterning and composition are a way shaping the world, making sense of it even. That’s certainly what I enjoy about the process of painting and what I try to express. It is the idea behind the flat decorative style that I use and it is reflected in the subjects that I choose.

For inspiration, I turn to Matisse, Ben Nicholson, Paul Klee and David Hockney and for encouragement I look at the work of the wonderful and much neglected Albert Herbert.

I am currently Chair of the Turrill Sculpture Garden and a Committee member of the Oxford Art Society. I exhibit in Galleries in and around Oxford and regularly in the city during Oxfordshire Artweeks.

Website: www.neilbutterfieldart.co.uk

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