Coles, Gerry

Gerry Coles – Linocut Printmaker

I discovered Linocut Printmaking quite late on in life compared to most people I talk to, who seem to have dabbled at school – my education was seriously lacking in that respect – or maybe I just went to the sort of school where they didn’t willingly give the kids sharp objects.

I adored painting and drawing as a child and I pursued Art to A level, but there I stopped. Life intervened and somehow, something I loved became something I never did.

The seeds of change were sown when I visited the Victoria gallery in Bath a few years ago and saw wonderful relief prints which were dark and intriguing and made me want to try for myself.

To paraphrase Mark Twain – “I never let schooling interfere with my education” so I bought myself a small linocutting kit and I started to teach myself how to carve and print with Lino. I was hooked.

I have since attended workshops in Linocut with Alexandra Buckle (reduction technique), Laura Boswell (further painterly techniques) and Beth Jenkins (colour techniques)

I have been printing, practising and improving ever since. I love the combination of artistry, technical challenge and luck that is needed to produce a print, and I’m constantly in awe of the magic that happens when the paper is peeled back from the block.


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