Berman, Alison

1. Deer at the Orchard, Little Wittenham, Oxfordshire Artweeks 2011
2. Bus Queue OAS Members’ Exhibition 2009
3. Swaying horses at Radley College 2012
4. Twitter: a collection of birds 2012
5. Wedding flowers 2013
6. Mural at St Luke’s Hospital, Oxford 2014

Alison chooses her subjects and materials according to the task in hand: for example, ‘Wedding Flowers’ were made for an occasion with very little time to set up or take down two large arrangements on the stage at the Union Chapel, Islington. London. The ‘Deer’ were originally devised for a shop window on Cowley Road with the intention that they would appear to have escaped from the deer park down the road at Magdalen College.

Titles are chosen carefully: for example birds sending messages via a yellow line of paint chose their own name – ‘Twitter’. A sense of mischievous fun is often present too: for example St Luke, patron saint of doctors and others, is painted in medical scrubs as he gestures to his winged ox in the entrance hall at St Luke’s Hospital.

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