Clutton-Brock, Eleanor

B.A. Hons Goldsmiths College , London.

Exhibiting for Ten Years. Member of Oxford Art Society. Member of Oxford Sculptors. Artist’s Statement.

Paper and wire is one of the most versatile of mediums. It allows freedom of movement, great attention to detail, and the joy of self expression.
I use both realistic and anthropomorphic figures to create a situation, a story, or a comment on society, sometimes by the use of caricature..
The sculptures are constructed on a wire armature, and firmly layered with a variety of papers before being painted and heavily varnished to give them long-lasting strength. Often I paint the papers before using them to decorate the figures.
Recently I have branched into watercolours with interesting texturing, and often with a story to their themes.
Ideas come from classical mythology and modern events.


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