Lawson, Briony

Briony Lawson

The starting point for my sculpture has always been nature and natural forms.  My imagination is excited by the human form in all its phases, from birth, through maturity to old age.  Animals are a recurring theme in my work too, particularly birds and domestic mammals, as well as plant shapes such as flower buds, seedheads and the unfurling fronds of ferns in spring.  I even make sculptures from the landscape itself, especially the folds of the North Devon coast where I was born.

I enjoy the different challenges presented by the three materials, wood, stone and clay.  Carving wood and stone is a subtractive technique – you chip away the material to reveal solid forms.  Working with clay, by contrast, is like addition – you build up the forms by accumulation. The raw materials themselves are often spurs to my imagination.  I am based in Charlbury and often exhibit locally.

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