The final Guest Selector’s prize goes to Laura Gould

The final piece chosen for the award is an amusing painting by Laura Gould: You should not peek at Goblin Men – watercolour, pencil and gold leaf. A3 – (not for sale). Esther Lafferty who was invited to choose three pieces (in no particular order) for the Guest Selector’s award said: “This painting kept pulling me back in, as if I was subject to some kind of enchantment. I loved its colour, freshness, and delicacy, and it evoked the wonderful imaginative world of childhood stories.”

We asked Laura, an illustrator aka ‘The Painted Bunny’ about this artwork and she said: “I was inspired by Rossetti to create something which looks sweet on the surface but becomes darker the more you study it…the way a good fairy story should be.” Congratulations Laura.  The prize is a £100 voucher donated by Oxford Art Society, to spend online at Broad Canvas @broadcanvasart. It may be viewed in our online exhibition  at